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REDI includes a complete market property universe continuously updated for you with the latest availabilities and sales transactions.

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Add your own personal data and use all our cool tools to build your own private CRE database.

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With over 23 years of servicing the CRE Industry, we have a time-tested platform that focuses specifically on the needs of the Commercial Professional. We provide access to verified data by Real Estate Professionals, plus added resources and tools through a living data system at an exceedingly low cost.

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We are the best kept secret in the CRE Industry!


REDIComps is the original and only nationwide Appraiser focused exchange for sale, lease, income, and construction comps. Join us today and we will include a FREE personal database management system (DBMS) with help maintaining it by starting you out with a property universe to build upon, and continuously add the latest sales transactions for you. When you need more data, selectively share your comps with the local/national data pool in exchange for verified comps from your colleagues. Be Hip and join us!

Jeremy Bengston
800.574.9185 ext. 800

Lisa Bengston
800.574.9185 ext. 801

Rod Bonnes
Property Paparazzi & Inspection Manager
800.574.9185 ext. 802

Jo Clemons
Comps Perfectionist & Verification Manager
800.574.9185 ext. 803

Molly Schlosser
Research Manager & Transaction Diva
800.574.9185 ext. 804

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